GAWGAW: Panto in The Dark

By Marta Vella / Vikesh Godhwani

"Have you heard the rumours? The Gawgaw is back prowling for children on Christmas Eve! Lock yourselves indoors, the streets aren’t safe anymore...or are they? "

19, 20, 21, 22, 23rd December
Planetarium Hall, Esplora

The Christmas Pantomime is the yearly tradition for many Maltese families; it’s that special time of year where they get to enjoy a night at the theatre with their loved ones. However, nobody has stopped to ask the question about its accessibility. Nobody, that is, until TeatruMalta commissioned a pantomime targeted towards a visually impaired audience.

From the start our aim was to create a show where everyone in the audience would have the same experience, leading us to make the decision that the show would be in pitch darkness. It felt superfluous to create a performance that still needed visuals in order to enjoy its full experience; we look at the impairment not as a limitation but as a world of possibilities.

The Maltese myth is brought to life by a stellar cast including Chucky Bartolo as Dame, Samuel Farrugia as Principal Boy, Philippa Cassar and Joseph Zammit. Join us for a magical sensory experience that’s the first of its kind in Malta.

Cast & Actors

  • Chucky Bartolo
  • Joseph Zammit
  • Philippa Cassar
  • Samuel Farrugia

Production Team

Creative Team

  • Directors: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Writers: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Managers: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Sound Designer: Mario Sammut
  • Vocal Coach: Sean Borg


Production Team

  • Production Manager: Analisa Schembri
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Lorriane Bugeja



  • CRPD (Commission for the Rights of People with Disability)
  • LESA
  • Esplora




GAWGAW: Panto in The Dark

Planetarium Hall, Esplora 19, 20, 21, 22, 23rd December