GAWGAW: Pantomime in The Dark

By Marta Vella / Vikesh Ghodwani

“The Pantomime is the most awaited theatrical activity of the year. But imagine if it were staged in the dark. Everyone would be able to enjoy it – those with impaired vision could attend with their families, while those who love an adventure could come see what they can hear, feel, smell and so on!”

December 2018
Science Theatre, Esplora

Working hand in hand with The Commission for the Rights of People with Disability, Marta Vella and Vikesh Godhwani will delve into the magical world of the dark through an innovative and hands on approach, that will enable them to create a world that everyone can experience. This is not your average pantomime, a venue will be transformed, and will leave it’s audiences feeling like they’ve been transported into a whole new world through the unique telling of a beloved family story,  during the most wonderful time of the year.

Production Team


  • Director: Marta Vella
  • Writers: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Manager: Vikesh Ghodwani
  • Collaborators: CRPD, Commission for the Rights of People with Disability




GAWGAW: Pantomime in The Dark

Science Theatre, Esplora December 2018