GAWGAW: Panto in The Dark

Marta Vella / Vikesh Godhwani

PLEASE BE ADVISED that GawGaw a Pantomime in the Dark will be staged in complete darkness from beginning to end.

19, 20, 21, 22, 23rd December
Planetarium Hall, Esplora

The Christmas Pantomime is the yearly tradition for many Maltese families; it’s that special time of year where they get to enjoy a night at the theatre with their loved ones. However, nobody has stopped to ask the question about its accessibility. Nobody, that is, until TeatruMalta commissioned a pantomime targeted towards a visually impaired audience.

From the start our aim was to create a show where everyone in the audience would have the same experience, leading us to make the decision that the show would be in pitch darkness. It felt superfluous to create a performance that still needed visuals in order to enjoy its full experience; we look at the impairment not as a limitation but as a world of possibilities.

The Maltese myth is brought to life by a stellar cast including Chucky Bartolo as Dame, Samuel Farrugia as Principal Boy, Davinia Hamilton and Joseph Zammit. Join us for a magical sensory experience that’s the first of its kind in Malta.

Cast & Actors

  • Chucky Bartolo
  • Joseph Zammit
  • Davinia Hamilton
  • Samuel Farrugia

Production Team

Creative Team

  • Directors: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Writers: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Managers: Marta Vella & Vikesh Godhwani
  • Sound Designer: Mario Sammut
  • Vocal Coach: Sean Borg


Production Team

  • Production Manager: Analisa Schembri
  • Assistant Stage Manager: Lorriane Bugeja



  • CRPD (Commission for the Rights of People with Disability)
  • LESA
  • Esplora




GAWGAW: Panto in The Dark

Planetarium Hall, Esplora 19, 20, 21, 22, 23rd December