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About Teatru Malta

Teatru Malta is Malta’s first National Theatre without walls.

Allow us to explain.

Walls create boundaries, keeping people out.  Teatru Malta does the opposite of that – we want to invite you ALL to be part of this exciting national theatre venture.

Teatru Malta is all about YOU, about giving you ground breaking, relevant theatre that you will remember.

Teatru Malta has no walls, which gives us more freedom to create work YOU want to see. There is more than one audience out there, so we’re creating work for everyone, work that makes your heart beat.

And there are no walls, so you’re always invited.

Teatru Malta is also proud to be part of the European Theatre Convention (ETC). Why is this important? Well, the ETC counts some 40 European Members from over 20 countries, reflecting the diversity of Europe’s vibrant cultural sector.

The aim? Promoting European theatre as a vital platform for dialogue in order to engage with today’s diverse audiences.

Teatru Malta has taken full advantage of the ETC’s ‘ENGAGE: Empowering today’s audience through challenging theatre, offering us so many opportunities and project possibilities. This programme is also supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Want a taste of what we do?

All this has made it possible for us to offer you massive, game-changing productions like SETTE, commissioned to commemorate one of the biggest historical events in Malta.

Equally game-changing but completely different in tone was Min Hi?, which created so much controversy that it got an entire country talking about it.

Or how about the award-winning, annual children’s Trikki Trakki Festival, which sees Malta’s schools come together to produce a theatre festival by children?

Taħdita Teatru

Theatre is great fun, but wouldn’t it be great if we could also offer an educational element? Good news is, we do.

Taħdita Teatru is an increasingly popular series of talks that revolve around our theatrical productions, bringing together relevant professionals to engage with the audience and to get a vibrant discussion going. Washed down with some wine, of course.

You can enjoy some of our past sessions by clicking here.

Proġett Francis Ebejer

We believe that it’s super important to nurture new talent and raise a new generation of theatre practitioners, actors, directors and writers.

We have devised a specific programme to help our future stars get started – the Proġett Francis Ebejer. If you’d like to know more about being part of this, check out some more info here.

Join us on our next production and get your tickets here! And, if you’re a theatre practitioner with a dream, don’t forget to check if we are currently offering any funding programmes.


Teatru Malta

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The Teatru Malta Team

Sean Buhagiar

Sean Buhagiar

Artistic Director
Maria Angela (Mang) Vassallo

Maria Angela (Mang) Vassallo

Administration Manager
Alessia Caruana

Alessia Caruana

Marketing and Brand Executive
Mireille Estelle Camilleri

Mireille Estelle Camilleri

Artistic Programme Coordinator
Antoine Zammit

Antoine Zammit

Senior Officer Precincts and Administration

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