Nurturing new and young talent

No theatre community will survive without the strategic nurturing and mentoring of new talent, and Malta is no exception. As the national theatre company, Teatru Malta places a high priority on its ongoing commitment towards young writing and new talent, bringing a considerable amount of resources and support through our Proġett Francis Ebejer. Because it’s only fitting that our new generation of artists and practitioners are raised respecting Malta’s most famous playwright.

The project supports emerging writers and young directors by assisting them in the production of their first script or play. Are you one of the people that could benefit by the programme? First off, you need to make sure you take part in one of the following events, in order to be eligible.

The MADC ONE ACT PLAY FESTIVAL – Long established in 1910, the one act play festival is one of the strongest platforms for young thespians to give it a shot at taking their talent to the next level. 

New directors and actors get to pit their skills against their peers, allowing them to strengthen their talent and learn through the process. 

Since 2018, and in collaboration with Teatru Malta, the festival also offers emerging writers the opportunity to present their new work on stage. It’s truly an exciting time to be developing and making theatre!

The Bormla Short Play Festival – Recently established in 2018 by the Bormla Local Council, this festival makes it possible for writers and directors to have their work produced outdoors to a mainstream audience. 

Emerging directors and actors get to work with new and established writers and to develop their ideas into a short play that is then premiered on the Bormla stage.

What’s in it for you?

As part of this collaboration with Teatru Malta, both festivals feature discussions, mentorship programmes and workshops for the selected directors and writers. The most promising ones will have their work considered by three national cultural entities: Teatru Malta, Spazju Kreattiv and Teatru Manoel.

Up Next

Teatru Malta is currently working with the New Victorians as part of the Young Directors Programme (mentored by Simon Sharkey), while Spazju Kreattiv will be working with Kurt Gabriel Meli on a full-length version of his play Il-Grada, mentored by Simon Bartolo.

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