Teatru Malta
Dwar Teatru Malta

More than just your national theatre company.

No, really. We’re more than just your national theatre company. And, no, this isn’t just some lazy attempt at copying FC Barcelona’s slogan. You know why? Because there’s more to theatre than just a stage and an audience. We pride ourselves in creating work that matters. You’ve probably heard this before because we do like to say this, primarily because it’s true and because, if you take a look at our repertoire of work over the past years, you’ll notice that everything we do, we do for a reason. Every collaboration has an intention, every theme a scope behind it, every venue becomes an integral part of the narrative of our shows.

We’re fans of purple but have also warmed up to using yellow since we last updated this text. For the most part, we’ve been keeping busy during the pandemic and dedicating our time to the research and development of work that we believe in. Because, if we don’t believe in our artists during a pandemic, then when exactly are we going to?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. In a sense, we can’t say we’re back because, truthfully, we never really left. In good times and bad times, we thrive on both our successes and our failures because we really consider ourselves a company that has its figurative finger on the pulse of our audiences.

We like conversation because how can we represent you if we don’t talk to you and understand you? You see, we told you we were more than just your national theatre company — we’re actually your friend.