Proġett Francis Ebejer

The Proġett Francis Ebejer is the restructuring of what was formerly known as Kompetizzjoni Francis Ebejer and later Premju Francis Ebejer.


As part of this project and in commemoration of the 25th anniversary since the death of the beloved national playwright, Teatru Malta will be producing a contemporary adaptation of Boulevard, one of Ebejer’s most memorable works, at the historic Manoel Theatre.  

Most importantly, following initiatives by Arts Council Malta, Teatru Malta will be restructuring the prize in 2018 into a national commission where we will be working with anyone – from produced to unproduced playwrights – to support them and their work through necessary mentorship until the production is then professionally developed. The project will be a collaborative project between Damien Ebejer, Spazju Kreattiv and Teatru Manoel. Ay, there’s the rub, for the three artistic directors have to agree.


This should be fun.