Eugène Ionesco’s RINOĊERONTI

By Eugène Ionesco

12-15 September 2019

Something strange is going on, in a town where nothing strange ever does. In this town, a very normal town, full of people who lead very ordinary, cereal box family sort of lives, something’s about to happen, something absurd. But what happens when those people, those very same normal people you thought you know so well, begin to change? Do you change too?

As part of our Proġett Klassiċi, Teatru Malta will be presenting one of Ionesco’s masterpieces and part of his Berenger cycle. Rinoċeronti is an absurdist piece of theatre dealing with conformism, mass hysteria and alienation amongst other motifs. Rinoċeronti is translated and performed in Maltese in this new adaptation of Ionesco’s classical black comedy. Rinoċeronti will be published with other Ionesco classics that have been translated to Maltese.

In partnership with the University of Malta.

Ticket Info

 €20 / €15 (concession)

Cast & Actors

Director: Michael Fenech

Writer: Eugène Ionesco

Translators: Albert Gatt and Clare Azzopardi

Production Manager: Nicole Blackman

Publication Editor: Dr Marco Galea


Eugène Ionesco’s RINOĊERONTI

TBA 12-15 September 2019