Watch: Trikki Trakki 2021 highlights!

When lockdown was suddenly announced bang in the middle of Trikki Trakki’s production week, we weren’t too sure what to do with ourselves. After all that effort our kids unfortunately never got to perform their shows at MSpace As we packed up and sent everyone home we couldn’t help but think of ways that wouldn’t let all their hard work go to waste so instead we asked each child to perform their monologues to their parents at home and film them just the same. 

On world theatre day we would like to present a highlight reel that not only showcases these children’s talent but their undefeated determination to keep the magic of theatre going, even amidst a national lockdown. 

A big thanks goes out to their directors: Ian, Josette, Chris and Lee-N for all their work and their cooperative parents for joining us on this bumpy ride. This wouldn’t have been possible without you. 

We hope you enjoy watching this as much as they enjoyed performing their monologues.

Together now …3…2…1…#TrikkiTrakki