24 . 05 . 21

Watch Rinaxximent on demand!

The long awaited day has arrived – our short film “Rinaxximent” is now officially available on demand! Follow this link to watch our filmic take on the ETC’s “Renaissance” theme which we’re proud to announce was one of the 10 short films chosen to be showcased in The Theatre Times’ International Online Theatre Festival. We hope you enjoy this film just as much as we did making it.

We follow a young girl, Leah, who was participating in one of the Teatru Malta projects – Trikki Trakki Youth Theatre Festival – which was set to be in full production. The festival is halted, and the young girl must go back to her new-normal life; going to zoom-school, and scrolling through social media. She gets very frustrated that she cannot interact with anyone anymore except for online interaction, and we feel a sense of desensitisation of the world around her. Leah climbs into bed, looks around her room and re-discovers books. She starts to enjoy reading again. She’s determined to read more, so she goes to a library and starts picking up more books from the library, learning about theatre and renaissance.


Written and Directed by Sean Buhagiar

Cinematography by Karl Andrew Micallef
Music: Yazmin Kuymizakis
Casting Director: Christian Debono
Editing: Karl Andrew Micallef
Associate Producer: Mireille Estelle Camilleri
Line Producer: Christian Debono
Executive Producer: Sean Buhagiar
Book Design: BloomCreative

With: Leah Grech, Ian Moore

Special thanks to: Palazzo Falson, Gutenberg Press Ltd., Ann-Marie Camilleri, Alessia Caruana, Roberta Grech Tabone