Updates following a meeting with MEIA, TM and ACM

Yesterday Teatru Malta Arts Council and MEIA met to discuss the aftermath of last week’s events, find out more information about this below:

– MEIA and Teatru Malta agreed that the spirit of dialogue and freedom of expression are paramount to this conversation. MEIA expressed concern at the current situation in the theatre sector, and emphasised a need for sensitivity and consideration.

– Teatru Malta proposed that a professional survey is conducted, in tandem with ACM, to establish preferred means of communication with the general public, and the public perception of Teatru Malta and its programmes so that this can strengthen its relationship and transparency within the sector. – MEIA agreed to distribute this survey to its own members, with all respective results to be eventually published by Teatru Malta.

– While Teatru Malta and ACM continue to believe in the right to exercise freedom of speech, it was recommended by MEIA that a good practice guideline be drafted by ACM detailing how PCOs are to engage with individual citizens and the general public.

– Teatru Malta will re-publish its reasoning behind its intentions to focus on Research and Development right now, directing this clarification to anyone who is concerned and interested.

– Teatru Malta, MEIA and Arts Council Malta will continue to work closely together in the hope of strengthening the sector.

Photo by Lindsey Bahia: Rinoċeronti (2019)