TRIKKI TRAKKI: Youth Theatre Festival 2019 – Applications Now Open!

Yesterday’s Trikki Trakki Breakfast went off without a hitch! To anyone whose still looking to apply you’re still in time. Download the application form and find out more about this wonderful opportunity!


Who can apply?

Any school in Malta, including state, church and private schools which has Year 7 students. Interested schools will apply with a group of between 15-20 students each and go through a selection process to be able to participate (more details further down).

How will Trikki Trakki work?

  • A maximum of 6 different shows will be created with the selected 6 schools under the direction of 6 different directors selected by Teatru Malta
  • The shows created will be between 10-15 minutes each
  • The shows need to be inspired by classic theatre texts (ex. Greek classics, Shakespeare, Pirandello, Ebejer, Moliere, Chekhov, Ibsen, Tennessee Williams, etc.). The choice will be discussed with the directors.
  • The shows will be adaptations of theatre classics and can take any shape, form or language
  • The directors will create the shows depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the specific groups they will be working with
  • Students will form an essential part of the devising process
  • A focus on the performers will be encouraged. Props and costumes (or parts of them) can be created/co-created by the students themselves