Tomorrow we premier GAME, Teatru Malta’s latest production for 2018!

There are many reasons why you should come watch this show mainly the obvious, it’s been penned by an award winning British playwright and directed by an exceptional coupe of Italian directors. Where ELSE are you going to catch this sort of action between the Italians and the English this World Cup season?

Worried about missing those highly anticipated 8pm world cup matches? Fret not!

Teatru Malta understand that watching the world cup matters, so we’ve made sure that each show begins at 10pm so that you miss out on absolutely nothing! What’s even more considerate of us? Our stage is none other than the MFA’s newly refurbished Trophies Lounge, so everyone can take a beer or soft drink on us (on presentation of your ticket) and enjoy the world cup match from the comfort of a sofa right before the show. But if football isn’t your thing and you’d rather just watch the show, that’s ok too, our show doors open at 9 30pm, and you can have your free drink before the show starts at 10pm.

We’re ready for this GAME, question is, are you? #gameon