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This is what we can tell you about our tickets:

  • They will be sold ONLINE, from VENUES, through our OFFICIAL TEATRU MALTA RUNNERS.
  • Ticket prices will NOT be fixed and WILL vary, some productions will be freeitles you to watch all our shows, observe any workshop, and attend to all our events.


  • Season Ticket: 100


  • Our events will always have everyone in mind, so concessions will be offered to children, the elderly, students, blood donors, persons with disability*




The Gift of Theatre!


Are you tired of buying the same sort of gifts every year? Would you like to try something new and really put a smile on someone’s face? Then our new Teatru Malta gift voucher is just what you’ve been looking for! Just go ahead and browse through our colourful programme, and you’re bound to find something that suits you.


WARNING: Don’t get excited just yet, our vouchers are still on the way.




Become a Teatru Malta Ticket Runner!


Curious? Want to know more? Then for more information about tickets, vouchers and runners follow us down the rabbit hole and:




  • Call us on: 21221055


*Any persons with disability, who are either wheelchair-bound or accompanied by a carer are kindly requested to get in touch with us either by email or phone ahead of purchasing tickets for more information regarding seating and accessibility.