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Are you a professional artist based in Malta, working in theatre?

Do you have a project you’d like to pitch to us? Or would you like to pitch yourself to participate in a Teatru Malta project? During these uncertain times, Teatru Malta is launching a Theatre Deposit. COVID-19 has put the arts world in a precarious position, worldwide. But, we can still get creative. 

What do we have in mind? 

Well we understand that you don’t just need jobs eventually! You need jobs as soon as possible and, though we can’t exactly give you a job now because everything has hit the pause button, that doesn’t need to stop us from paying a deposit amounting to half of your fee in advance! That’s right a 50% deposit NOW for work you’ll be doing EVENTUALLY! Get paid now, work later. Preference will be given to full-time artist freelance professional artists. What do you need to convince us you’ve got what it takes?


We are currently re-working our upcoming programme of events for the next three years. That’s right, Theatre Deposit has a three year time-line (2020 – 2022). We want you to think ahead with us, or you can also simply make yourself available to work with Teatru Malta in the next three years. 

Artists can either apply to participate in a project, or propose a project. These will be then discussed with Teatru Malta along the way and are subject to available state funding. The decisions are based on artistic merit and are at the discretion of the artistic director. 

Here are two examples:


You are a full-time actor and teach theatre too; you’re experienced, qualified and like all of us, doing your best to deal with the situation. You apply for Theatre Deposit, and let us know what your professional artistic preferences are, say physical contemporary theatre, and your average performance fee. In this scenario, we believe there is good potential for us to work together in the next three years and accept to pay you a deposit. Once we find a project that suits us both, your deposit will be subtracted from the agreed fee. You might still be asked to audition for a role and your participation in a project will be at the discretion of the director. The average fee you apply with is not final and will be subject to the actual role in the project you are contracted for. 


You are a theatre-maker, or a collective of artists and you’d like to plan ahead. You have a great idea in mind which you think fits into Teatru Malta’s vision. You tell us what this idea is and how you would like to collaborate, whether you want Teatru Malta to produce it or co-produce it and what the timelines of this project are. You let us know what your artistic fee for this project is. In this scenario, if we believe this project has potential, we accept to pay you the deposit of your artistic fee. This artistic fee is not binding. In fact, the project, and the relevant budget, will be negotiated between both parties. In the process of the negotiations, the project may change, develop or even lead to a new project. Once we agree on a project, the deposit will be subtracted from the agreed artistic fee of the final project.


In the circumstances, we would like to act quite fast, and we’re asking you to follow suit. 

Application Deadline: 15th April 2020 at Noon. 

Results: 30th April 2020