The Dreamer- The Making of the 2019 Campaign

The Teatru Malta 2019 campaign is a picture puzzle of unspoken symbols.  Metaphors that engulf the dreamer whole. A journey lead by the unconscious only to be brought to life by the visuals that linger in the memory of all those who bear witness to it.

She dreams of cats that played with yarn and buttons that fell off the costumes of the street performers as they marched through the crowds.

She dreams of the soft toys put aside as girls and boys gathered to take part in a festival, and the medical gowns of a patient waiting restlessly to tell us his story.  

She dreams of the stones that brought on the demise of a silk adorned pope, and the blood that was shed on the 7th of June.

She dreams of the scripts of actors who worked tirelessly over monologues, and the freshly laid soil that bore the footprint of a Rhinoceros.

She dreams of a teenage boy’s sadistically copious consumption of milk, and the pumpkin ridden layer of a woman who holds no name.

She dreams of costume filled wardrobes equipped to clothe any actor on a pantomime stage.

She is us, and we are her. Her dream is our dream, and now our dream, becomes yours.