Opening to an audience was already emotional enough after months of navigating through regulations, postponements and closures. Today, on the morning after closing our first production since the Covid-19 pandemic, we feel privileged and grateful to have closed O. to the first non-socially distant full house since. Thank you to our audiences for coming back, as we’ve said time and time again, we have truly missed you.
O. would have been nothing without the writings of the mammoth that is Oliver Friggieri, a literary icon and visionary whose work continues to remain relevant to this day, a giant who saw and loved Malta for what it truly was
Lastly, thank you to our team, behind the scenes and infront of it – Elaine and Ann- Marie thank you for being the glue that held this show together. None of this would have been possible without you. Special mentions go out to bloc for our set, Andrew Schembri and late Interactive for our lights, researcher and assistant Gabriel Lia, choreographer Cheryl Lofreda and the The MVMT for turning this piece into visual poetry, Claire Tonna and Jamie Cardona for reciting Oliver’s words so powerfully that they shook the very foundations of our national theatre, Chris Vella for establishing the musical heart beat of this show, and the entire Teatru Manoel team for their continued support throughout this process.
What a thrill it’s been. Thank you for giving us the opportunity. We will see you soon.