Introducing Teatru Malta’s Green Policy

After our attendance of the ‘Where to Land’ forum in Strasbourg where 100 EU professionals met to discuss green policies in theatre in 2022 and several discussions on a European Forum, we have developed ten things we can really do to be better at being green. 

  • We are launching a pop-up programme at our Spring Fair to reduce printing of programmes – We will distribute our programme online and have a two-day pop-up programme during the Spring Fair to minimize printing.
  • Leave No Trace principle to ensure venues are left clean or cleaner than found – We are committed to leaving venues clean or even cleaner than when we arrived to minimize our environmental impact. 
  • Conscious decisions on energy and materials for set designs and production direction – We will make mindful decisions about energy and material use when creating sets and directing productions. 
  • Encouragement of recycling sets and props with every production – We will encourage recycling and reuse of sets and props with every production.
  • Our shows will have longer runs thus reducing the necessity of having new shows run for a few days. This reduces our carbon footprint.
  • “Bring it Back” programme to reuse and recycle sets, props and creative material by bringing back shows – Our “Bring it Back” programme will allow us to reuse sets and props from previous productions to minimize waste whilst also making the most out of creative and physical material that was created. 
  • Bring Your Own Container (BYOC) policy to reduce single-use plastics, providing each actor with a container instead of glasses – We will reduce our single-use plastic consumption by providing each actor with a container to use instead of disposable cups or bottles.
  • Promotion of environmentally conscious transport options such as carpooling to reduce private car dependency – We will study how our actors can carpool to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • When we get artists from abroad we will try to get them for longer stays, and seek collaborators who can use the time of these artists too. This way we can make the best out of them travelling here.
  • We remain vocal and committed to take possible accounts, contract and payment systems online. While this is an achievement we plan to reach in the medium-term since it is subject to government procedures, we are working on it behind the scenes. 
  • Vocal promotion of green achievements with each production, raising awareness about sustainable practices – We will share our sustainable practices and accomplishments with our audiences to inspire others to take action.

Overall, our goal is to make theatre production more sustainsable by taking conscious actions to minimize waste, reduce our carbon footprint, and raise awareness about sustainable practices.