Teatru Malta Take Over – Francesca Mercieca

Alice in Wonderless Land production designer Francesca Mercieca is our next #TakeOverThursday guest. Whose Francesca you ask? Well have a quick read and tune into our socials on Thursday as Francesca walks us through the process of making the Alice dolls.  Not one to miss!

Francesca Mercieca has always been seeking more out of different mediums, the audio-visual proved to be the ideal tool to enable her to combine art, story and sound.

After graduating with a BA Hons in 2014, Francesca took off from prop sourcing, buying, making and small jobs in plastering, wood and painting to managing the full Production Design by 2016 with 4 years of experience as a full time profession she strives to design inspiring unforgettable scenarios which immerse both the performers and the audience.

She has always been interested in working on film and theatre leading in depth practices and methodologies between the two for most effectively coordinated Art Direction Her filmography progressed from audiovisual production of music videos, short film and experimental montage to designing full feature sets, props and locations with a vast array of time periods, spacial limits and resources. This combination enabled her to transform ideas and concepts into well-designed sets that cater for still, movement, drama, advertising, installations, live performance and cinema. Following her initial experience both academically and professionally with both local and international Directors. Francesca aspires continuosly to combine innovation to limitation through special characterisation of every single project she is part of with the power of the context itself.