After the success of Sette VII (Sette) Teatru Malta and The New Victorians embark on yet another patriotic and exciting co-production with FCN this time of Ninu Cremona’s classic IL-FIDWA TAL-BDIEWA.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary from the death of this Gozitan literary giant, there will be an adaptation by Clare Azzopardi and The New Victorians of the epic that Cremona wrote in 1913. Now, more than a hundred years after this prolific writer gave life to the story of the Maltese farmers rebellion against tyranny, the piece will now take on a new life during this hands-on-immersive experience at the Salini, Ximenes Redoubt.

The show features actors Lee-N Abela, Jacob Piccinino, Alex Weenink, Matthias Camilleri, Sean Briffa, Gianluca Mifsud, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, Laura Buhagiar, Kay Micallef, and Sara Gauci who will offer audiences a physically dynamic and exciting take on the hardships of our ancestors and the opportunity to juxtapose the past with the present to a background of electrifying live music, performed by The New Victorians Philippa Naudi and Bettina Muchmore, who are also directing the piece. This production is also a very environmentally conscious one, boasting a number of reused and repurposed set materials, costumes, and props, an ideology that forms part of Teatru Malta’s long-term vision.

In fact, the costumes designed and made by fashion activist Zoe Camilleri (Zowij Makes) are all environmentally friendly and made from repurposed and pre-owned clothing or fabrics. The same practice will also be applied to set designer Mattea Fenech’s set which will boast a number of natural materials and plants courtesy of Sherries Garden Centre.

Tickets for IL-FIDWA TAL-BDIEWA are sold out. For more information please visit www.teatrumalta.org.mt today. This show is a Teatru Malta co-production with Fondazzjoni Celebrations Nazzionali, and is supported by the Malta Arts Council and Sherries Estates, and will run for two weekends between the 18th and 27th of November 2022 at the Ximenes Readoubt, Salina.