18 . 08 . 21

#TakeOverThursday – Rochelle Gatt

The best gift for Rochelle is when something is said without words and understood in a way that manages to move her. YES! She very much loves to move; She likes to move all the time… bike, fresh swim, capoeira, rock climbing or mountaineering. You will often find her upside down, looking at the world from the opposite perspective. Since she’s always coming and going, she would very much like the planes to run emission-free. She believes she’d have been a “total hit” if she had been born during the time of The Beatles.

Her first experience with Teatru Malta was quite recent. She worked on research with The New Victorians and several great Maltese actors. Next up is the Manwel Dimech project where her role will be that of movement director in a historic space.Tune in tomorrow as she takes over our social media during #TakeOverThursday