03 . 12 . 20

Statement from Arts Council Malta & Teatru Malta: Pia Zammit vs. It-Torċa

Freedom of expression, the clear distinction between the individual and the artist’s persona, as well as the free use of parody and satire, are fundamental elements which each and every society should cherish and promote without any disruption and interference. It is indeed appropriate that the artist, and whomever is involved in the artistic and cultural sector, has the comfort that their freedom of expression in all its forms is never touched or skewed. Arts Council Malta and Teatru Malta maintain, that together with the Government they will continue to ensure that the artists’ fundamental rights are strengthened furthermore in the future, especially since the last couple of years have seen the execution of necessary legal reforms, particularly related to the changes in laws related to the rights of artists and the Media and Defamation Act. We insist that the fundamental rights of the artist continue to be strengthened and defended in the future.