See you all in prison!

By now you’ve probably noticed that we’ve been hinting at a new project for a while. Well we haven’t exactly been hinting at it, unless you’d consider a mural by graffiti artist Twitch, in the heart of Sliema to be a subtle hint.

Since we don’t do subtle well and can’t really reveal much more about the project for now, we’ll just go ahead and reveal our cast to you. But first let’s tell you what this show is about or rather something about it’s main protagonist: Manwel Dimech. 

Some say the man had one true calling: to free the Maltese people from shackles riddled with oppression, ignorance and fear. We tend to agree, which is why we decided to make a music theatre piece about him. It also happens to be the 100th year anniversary from his death which makes everything all the more poignant. 

Il-Qfil u l-Ħelsien Skont Manwel Dimech is a devised musical theatre piece, interpreted through the eyes of the courageous activist who paved the road to liberation with knowledge, thought and perseverance. Written and directed by Victor Jacono, and composed and musically directed by Kris Spiteri, this riveting production will be staged at none other than the old military prison in Corradino – you read that right and make no mistake, this is no average sit down event, this is a walkthrough standing event which will let in 50 people at a time, so places are limited to say the least. 

Now back to our stellar cast. We won’t reveal who will be reprising the role of Dimech just yet, but let’s just say he’s a very familiar face who’s interpreted many different faces over the years. So it could basically be anyone in this list!  

This show will star the likes of (deep breath) Debbie Scerri, Roger Tirazona, Joseph Zammit, Bettina Paris, Edward Mercieca, Karl Cassar, Stephen Oliver, Nikki Casar and Mark Tonna, Jackie Pace Delicata, Hannah Marie Attard, Michaela Fenech, Jonathan Mohnani, Marco Calleja, Andrew Barberi, Rambert Attard, Martina Schembri, Leah Mifsud, Gianluca Cilia and Jayden Micallef (breathe out).

So now you know who our cast is made up of, but keep your eyes out for more than just our big poster reveal in the coming days, because we have a lot more where this came from hidden up our sleeves.

See you all in prison!