Raymond “Fight” Beck Cast Announced!

A stellar cast was announced today for Raymond Fight Beck, Teatru Malta’s production set to premiere in March. Penned by this year’s emerging writer, Andre Mangion whose original script has been developed and moulded into a fighting fit production. Well-known thespian John Montanaro, takes on the lead role of Raymond Beck with local heartthrob Davide Tucci landing the role of Dyson Cumbo, the play’s antagonist. Mangion’s story deals with the sweet science of boxing where several local boxers were interviewed to form integral parts of this powerful story. The cast features a number of theatre veterans like stage powerhouse Żep Camilleri, Lilian Pace Vassallo, Philip Mizzi, Peter Galea, It-Triccas and comedy stalwart Hector Bruno. The likes of Kim Dalli, Ray Abdilla, Toni Busuttil complete an illustrious cast which is bound to knock out the audience attending the production at St James Cavalier. Raymond “Fight” Beck is being directed by Sean Buhagiar.

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