A purrrfect start to the week!

Yesterday the children’s opera ”Il-Qtates ta’ max-Xatt” premiered to it’s very first group of beaming school children!

No matter the age it’s hard not to be moved by this adorable production that really does pull on everyone’s heart strings.  The puppets made by local artist Matthew Pandolfino are the stars of the show with each being interpreted by our stellar cast who have managed to bring the magic of Clare Azzopardi’s beloved book to life on stage. Denise Mulholland’s direction is seamless and laced with attention to detail, Sven Bonnici’s whimsical set design is a testament to this, as are the costumes and props made by Matthew Cassar with the assistance of Hannah Grech Pirotta.

Any audience member who is familiar with the book is bound to fall in love with this piece, and for anyone who hasn’t read it let the musical composition of Euchar Gravina take you on a magical journey unlike any other. Illuminated by the talented Christopher Gatt, this story reminds all that light can be found at the end of every hardship;  sometimes we just need to look up at the stars to find it.