Performance Spaces? We got it covered!

In 2017, through the Spazji Teatrali initiative by Arts Council Malta and Valletta 2018 Foundation, a number of theatres were documented in a publication.

Following the budget measure launched recently in 2017, Teatru Malta will be leading a Regional Theatre Strategy to identify possible collaborations with privately-owned theatre spaces.

The purpose of this is to provide Teatru Malta with a list of candidates who could be interested in collaborating in refurbishing a theatrical space, and a list of possible spaces which are ideal for such investment.

40% of the 2018 budget managed by Teatru Malta will be invested in pilot studies, strategy and planning of improvements in theatre infrastructure in Malta and Gozo.

During 2018, a board of experts will be led by Teatru Malta to draft a plan of action for the refurbishment of these spaces tied to Teatru Malta’s vision for the space. These spaces can be treated as regional artistic hubs varying from multipurpose spaces which could host performances or serve as warehouses for set- and prop-building to theatre spaces focussed on new writing or box theatres for alternative work.


The concept is not only about re-structuring, but also about revitalising and foreseeing a vision for each space.




Do you need a space to rehearse and experiment? We have an agreement with Teatru Pandora, where our first offices are situated. It is a lovely space and we want to use it as much as we can.


If you are interested in using this space for training, rehearsing and research let us know. We are interested in creating collaborations where theatre-makers can use our space to create, and we can later help develop and/or produce the work if it fits our artistic vision.