29 . 05 . 20

New Guidelines for Age Classification of Theatre Productions Announced

Arts Council Malta recently announced that all dramatic and other stage productions to which the public is admitted, whether by payment or otherwise, must be given a reasonable and proper age-classification, according to the age classification ratings established in Legal Notice 416/2012.

The announcement was made after consultation with Arts Council Malta’s organisations. The guidelines will be applied for all Teatru Malta productions, with classifications divided as follows:

  •    U certificate – Persons of all ages are admitted;
    • PG certificate – Persons of all ages are admitted but
    some scenes may be unsuitable for young children;
    • 12A certificate – Suitable only for persons of 12 years
    and over, but persons younger than 12 years may attend
    only when accompanied by an adult;
    • 12+ certificate – Persons of 12 years and over are
    • 15+ certificate – Persons of 15 years and over are
    • 18+ certificate – Persons of 18 years and over are

    The full guidelines can be accessed here.