March Out Of The Closet

Being the National Theatre Company, Teatru Malta is by no means new to stirring up some drama. But we’re doing it a little differently this time ‘round by giving the opportunity to members and allies of the queer community to be the drama at The EuroPride March 2023.

You can consider this an invitation into our extensive wardrobe to select however many pieces you’d like and slay it at the parade on the 16th September. The only condition is that you strut like your life depended on it. 

ALT: The only condition is that they are worn WITH PRIDE!

Our wardrobe supervisor will also help you style your look and put it all together… not that we think you need any help when it comes to looking great, but we just want to make sure you look your absolute best.

Let us know you’re interested and tell us a little about yourself by emailing our wardrobe supervisor Luke at