LAUNCHING ‘LI KIEKU KIEKU’, THE AUTUMN/WINTER ’23-’24 Programme, from Opole, Poland.

Teatru Malta, Malta’s national theatre company, has just unveiled its Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 Season Programme. In a first-ever move, the company has officially launched its artistic vision from Opole, in Poland, where it was present for the premiere of Malta’s first international theatrical co-production, “The Best European Show.” 

The programme launch took place on Friday, the 13th of October, at the Jan Kochanowskiego Theatre in Opole, spearheaded by Teatru Malta’s Artistic Director Sean Buhagiar, under the wing of the National Agency for the Performing Arts (NAPA) represented by its Chairperson Alison White and Executive Head Dominic Galea.

The theme for this season’s programme “Li Kieku Kieku,”, translating into “What If?” invites audiences to ponder on the possibilities, challenge conventions and embrace the spirit of creative exploration. Teatru Malta has always been at the forefront of innovative theatre experiences, and this season promises to be no different. 

Sean Buhagiar expressed the company’s excitement for what the future of theatre in Malta holds. “Sometimes, great art is born out of nonsense, and ‘What If?’ is a question that opens the door to boundless creativity. We’re thrilled to launch our program in Opole, Poland, as we embark on this remarkable international co-production journey.”

While the programme has traditionally been launched locally, this launch in Opole marks a significant milestone in Teatru Malta’s history and along with this, the company has also launched a new Hybrid Ensemble, the first-ever Ensemble for Malta. The projects lined up for this upcoming season are a testament to the theatre company’s commitment to pushing boundaries and seeking new horizons.

Highlights of the Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 Programme include:

  • Hybrid Ensemble: Teatru Malta’s innovative plan to create a versatile ensemble, inspired by international experts like Marko Bratus and Haris Pasovic, aimed at maximising local talent and expertise. The company is looking to employ four full-time actors. 
  • Ġambori: A prototype of an active-aging performing arts festival, launching at St Vincent De Paul Theatre, with plans for further development.
  • Landmark Co-production: Malta’s first landmark co-production with European National Theatres, set to grace the historic Teatru Manoel in February.
  • Focus on Education: A month dedicated to education, featuring the result of Young Europe IV, “GUTZ” – Teatru Malta’s first touring classroom piece for sixth forms.
  • Trikki Trakki: Under the new artistic director, Rebecca ‘Becky’ Camilleri, this beloved educational initiative continues to evolve.
  • Development of Associate Companies: A collaboration with Arts Council Malta to support associate companies in exploring, working, and collaborating on productions and initiatives that challenge the possible and flirt with the impossible.
  • European Co-productions: A commitment to more European co-productions, including a Creative Europe application for the Drama of Small European Languages and a programme to translate European contemporary plays into Maltese.
  • Advocacy for Enhanced Artistic Criticism: Teatru Malta’s dedication to fostering a culture of critical appreciation for the arts.

Teatru Malta’s journey has been one of growth and evolution, and this season’s programme reflects the company’s dedication to embracing change, fostering creativity, and elevating the Maltese theatre scene.