02 . 08 . 21

L-Avviżi – August 2021

It’s August and that means it’s time to go on shut down! While we would like to Iet you know that we’re going on shut down this August we can’t do that as that would be a complete lie and we’ll be working through the entire month as we have no clue what the term means but wish everyone who will be on shut down a great time! Can’t wait to see your photos. No really, because that’s the closest we’re getting to the sea this month. 

 As a matter of fact we’re diving straight into the first round of rehearsals for Nouveau Riche this summer. This will be the second time our actors and the Moveo company dancers will be working together since their R&D a few months back. Simon Bartolo and Dorian Mallia are ready to get into their directors’ chairs and we couldn’t be more excited to watch this script turn into a reality! Watch their process on our socials.

 We also have a new survey out which will basically determine the very future of Teatru Malta, no just kidding it won’t BUT it will definitely help us navigate our way through our upcoming programme of events which will be launching sooner than you think… give us a helping hand and fill in our survey by clicking this link here… we’d really love to hear from you. 

From rehearsals to audition calls, the 9th of August is the last chance all you female performers have to apply for our Qtates ta’ max-Xatt audition call! Not sure what we’re talking about? Then click here and check out this fabulous puppet theatre re-working of our beloved children’s opera which is based off Clare Azzopardi’s original book. The selected applicants will be called for a live audition later this month. What are you waiting for? Apply now!

 Applications for Atelier Francis Ebejer will also be opening this month. This is your chance to form part of the Atelier’s second year. The project is spearheaded by Teatru Malta, and brings together suitable applicants who are interested in forming part of this curated group of individuals to discuss, workshop, read, and critique theatre. The project’s main objective is to serve as a platform for open discussions on theatre which allows applicants to become participants in promoting our industry to a professional one. Teatru Malta’s Associate Artists together with the artistic directors of Teatru Malta, Spazju Kreattiv, and Teatru Manoel will collaborate on this with the aim of aiding theatre-makers through means such as creating workshops, mentorships, script readings, and scene staging. Applications will be out soon. 

Our latest and newest project Każin 60+ will be launching a call of interest later these coming weeks! What is this, you ask? Well let’s just say that this call is intended for older adults who are interested in learning more about theatre. This project will be fun and  full of theatre games, improvisations, movement and singing, all taking place in a  creative space which will be shared and enjoyed with like-minded persons from different walks of life. This is the perfect way to make new acquaintances and learn new skills in theatre while you’re at it! If you’re interested in forming part of this community then please watch this space for more updates.

Last but definitely not least registrations for the ETC conference will be launched in a few weeks’ time! We’ve already been very vocal about how chuffed we are to be hosting the prestigious event on our shores with the support of Arts Council Malta, Teatru Manoel and Spazju Kreattiv this October!