L-Avvizi – Newsletter #3

October is here and with it so is Autumn, the time to shed old leaves and make way for new ones. This month we’re trying to do just that when it comes to our productions. Alice in Wonderlessland by Franca Rame and Dario Fo, our co-production with ŻiguŻajg Festival is currently in phase three. Normally by now we’d be ready to start rehearsals for a show like this but instead we’re busy closing off recordings and assembling plastic dolls for what we’re calling our first DIY theatre production. This is a first for us, a new way to look at theatre, but the scope behind it is to transport the magic of theatre directly to our audiences and have them “do it themselves” as opposed to us doing it for them.  More about that in November during ŻiguŻajg festival…


Ġulbiena, A Radio Panto in the Dark is also underway and much like with Alice in Wonderlessland we’ve chosen to explore  a communicative medium we know won’t stand a chance of being affected by the developing pandemic. So thanks to Covid-19 this year you can all enjoy our third instalment of Panto in the Dark over on the radio on the 20th of December. Where and how you’ll find out soon, but all we can tell you for now  is that the cast has changed just a tad and rehearsals are going fabulously. This really is going to be a treat in the dark for all those who enjoy late night snacks.


Our Wardrobe Mistress call for applications, also came and went this Summer, and with it the welcoming of a new team member at Teatru Malta! This means that our wardrobe is that much closer to finally opening its doors to the public. A project that’s taken over two years to complete, but good things take time and we’re excited for what’s to come.


That’s it from us for now, but please don’t lose touch with us. We may not be performing live just yet, like you’re used to, but we have all 2021 for that. This year we’ll stay safe, for you and for us through fun new means of theatrical production. We promise you won’t be disappointed.