05 . 07 . 21


Can you feel the heat? Because we sure can! But that’s not stopping us from covering ourselves up in sunblock and gearing up for the next couple of exciting months ahead of us. 

With our new podcast series Teatru Redifjuxin well underway we’ve already interviewed Manwel Dimech Project director Victor Jacono and Nouveau Riche movement director Dorian Mallia. While you patiently wait for our third episode which will be released at the end of July, why not give our last 2 episodes a listen? They’re only about 20 minutes long! Perfect for your morning traffic filled commute. 

Manwel Dimech Project auditionee call backs will be auditioning live and in person (can’t believe we’re actually saying this) this July as we get closer to the rehearsal room in anticipation of the show’s big premiere this December. Another audition call will also be released this month, but this time we’re looking for a female puppeteer! That’s right 2019 favourite Il-Qtates ta’ max-Xatt will be returning very soon and lead by none other than the puppet master himself Sean Briffa. Keep your eyes out for this one because you never know what sort of mischief these cats can get up to when left unattended!

Thank you to all those who applied to form part of the Fidwa tal-Bdiewa research and development team. We can’t wait to get to watch you work with sister duo The New Victorians during this three-day intensive later on this month. There’s nothing like good old creative team work to help overcome the heat, wouldn’t you say? We can’t wait to see what will come of it! We’ll be watching…

Lastly but certainly not least, Teatru Malta have some exciting news, a collaboration with the University of Malta’s Theatre Studies Department to offer a scholarship leading to … drum roll please… a PhD in theatre! The successful candidate will work towards contributing to the documentation and critical analysis of the history of theatrical performance locally. Working under the supervision of Prof. Vicki Ann Cremona and Dr Marco Galea the candidate will have the vibrant department’s impressive record database at their disposal. More information on how to apply will be released in the coming weeks so stay tuned, because the future of our theatre history depends on it!

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