It’s a hard time for the arts. Theatre Makers have had a rough couple of days. We join in solidarity with our colleagues, partners, collaborators, friends who had to cancel or postpone shows in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

We know what it feels like to have to reschedule, re-stage and re-think productions. We feel you. In the midst of all this, we want to do something for YOU and we’re ready to pay for it, OBVIOUSLY.


A CO-VIDeo (sorry, we couldn’t help it) up to 15 minutes long (kwarta, get it?)

We want you to make a short audiovisual recording of you doing … basically anything artistic! Simply theatrical! Crazy, abstract, mainstream – whatever you want this to be. It could be just you, or a group. 

Here are some possibilities (but not limited to!) 

  • A theatrical performance, mime, skit or storytelling
  • A poetry reading or a series of haiku
  • An interactive community dance theatre piece with your family (pets welcome too)
  • An original musical theatre performance with instruments and home appliances

We will choose the ideas we believe can become the best possible videos. Following receipt of your application we will inform you whether your idea has been selected. The selection is at the discretion of the artistic director.  Teatru Malta will then pay €100 to each performer/artist involved in the making, upon receipt of invoice. Each artist must have a registered VAT Number.  

Applications will start being received as of Friday the 13th (Muhaha)  and will close on March 20th at noon. All the short-listed selected videos will be posted on Teatru Malta’s facebook page. Our FOUR favourite videos will then be posted on World Theatre Day, on the 27th March 2020

The video should be sent to Teatru Malta and will be uploaded exclusively by us, the creative property of the video will remain of the artists. 

Applications with the below details should be sent to:



  • Name & Surname of Lead Artist 
  • Relevant experience in the performing arts (100 words)   
  • Names & Surnames of other participating Artists & Roles   
  • Relevant experience in the performing arts (100 words)                   
  • Description of the video (200-words)

You get the drift. Make sure you do not put yourself at risk whilst making this video. Wash your hands before and after. For 20 seconds each time. CO-VID 19 is not something we take lightly, but we want to make the best out of this serious situation. As a National Theatre Company, we owe it to our artists and our audiences!