How We Casted Fi Do (No, Not The Dogs)

Teatru Malta is on a mission to blow young creatives’ minds with mind-expanding theatrical practices. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk by bringing our educational outreach policy to life through incredible projects like Fi Do being available to students. And boy, did we get a treat for them! (Pun intended!)

We teamed up with the well-established Manifesto Poetico, led by the dynamic duo Carlos García Estévez and Paige Allerton. These guys are pros at making theatre that’s not just for the elites but for the people, with the people. You can check out their awesome work at We knew they were the perfect partners for our grand adventure having worked on a number of educational and community projects.

But wait, there’s more! We decided to join forces with all four public institutions: MCAST (Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology), the University of Malta – School of Performing Arts, MVPA (Malta Visual and Performing Arts School), and the MSDD (Malta School of Drama and Dance). We called out to the students, offered them nominal fees, and guess what? Some stepped up to the challenge! We would have loved more interest, but hey it’s the first time we’re doing this and we did ask them for strict availability.

Now, here’s the thing. We’re not just throwing them into the deep end. We brought in three pros with serious skills into the cast: puppetry, circus arts, and physicality. These professionals will work with talented students under the direction of Manifesto Poetico – the students on this wild journey are Maya Mifsud from MCAST, Alessandra Sgobio from the University of Malta, Matteo Calleja Tonna from the MVPA, and Ema Sintayu Pantovic and Sarah Azzopardi from the MSDD.

It’s a chance for these students to work alongside pros, to learn, grow, and shine. We’re hoping this experience will have a monumental impact on their artistic journey and inspire even more students to seize these career-defining opportunities.

Teatru Malta is thrilled to dive headfirst into this experimental project. We’re already dreaming up more incredible opportunities to bring to our educational institutes through our innovative productions. So grab your leashes, folks! Our students are about to unleash their inner dog-stars and make some tail-wagging theater magic happen!