GUEST POST: Honey, we’re moving by Alessia Caruana

You read that right, after 4 years of making Żejtun our home away from home, Teatru Malta have officially made the move back to the captial city. That’s right, we’ve made the big girl move back to Valletta and we’re temporarily hot desking in a quaint office in Old Bakery street, at least until we find our new home (you’ll hear more about that soon). We always said we didn’t want to be tied down to one specific location and I guess we’re just sticking to our ethos, and keeping you on your toes while doing it.

What does this mean for you? Well for starters it probably means you won’t have to ask us to share our location every time we ask you for a meeting at our offices. There’s no need to be shy, it took me a good two weeks and several google map searches to remember my way out and in of Żejtun, anyone who’s shared the same experience is free to raise their hand and say ”I” (I definitely won’t judge). Heaven knows it took me a hot minute to adapt to working there, but for someone who has spent her whole life scoffing down pastizzi, you best believe I had no trouble adapting.

Żejtun had more charm to offer than I could have ever possibly imagined, long pjazza strolls to my car, church bells ringing, neighbours cackling and probably some of the best toast and “Te fit-Tazza” Malta has to offer. Everyone was nice, everyone was helpful and everyone was never too busy to lend a helping hand if asked. I loved it there, and we all really made a home out of the Pandora theatre for as long as it could have us. This move was a bittersweet one, one in which we dismantled our very ”first production” … our first home.

We’ve always been poetic with the way we go about things, so we waited until the New Year to make this all a little more dramatically apt. But to cut a long story short, I’d like to thank Żejtun for having us, it really was a breath of fresh air to get to escape from the hustle and bustle of Valletta for a while – it was also nice to actually be able to find parking without risking your wage in parking tickets.

So that’s it, the end of an era – we’re currently housed at 205 , Vincenti Buildings, Triq il-Fran, Valletta. Same heart, new look – drop us a message on FB if you’d like to come say hello, we’re still very friendly – Alessia.