Guest Post: ”The shift from dramaturgy to choreography” by Ruben Zahra

The journey of the dance performance “Who is She?” began in 2019 with my theatre piece “Min Hi?” – a Teatru Malta production featuring actress Lee-N Abela. I was intrigued by the idea of transposing the physical action of the dramaturgy to choreographic movement. I worked with dancer Zoe Camilleri to generate the material for a 15-minute solo dance performance – recomposed to the same narrative of the theatrical work. The shift from dramaturgy to choreography was very interesting because although concept and narrative remained the same, it is a completely new piece. The script (in English translation) was distilled to short phrases and presented as an integral part of the pre-recorded soundtrack. The movement was generated anew through physical action techniques. This gave Zoe the freedom to create her own movement through improvisation … from which I would capture strong moments to compose the vocabulary for the performance. Working with Zoe was truly a pleasure. I look forward to work with Zoe again to develop this work even further. Thank you Dance Festival Malta for the opportunity … and thank you Teatru Malta for kick-starting the journey.

Photos by Matthew Maribelli