Goodbye Manwel!

🇬🇧And just as everyone settled into their place, it’s time for us to bid farewell to yet another production🥲

It’s been a thrilling few months getting to work with this brilliant cast of actors, singers and performers all of whom have become like family to us. Getting to work with a cast this large, the largest we’ve worked with since the pandemic, has been a privilege to say the least

Thank you to FCN for collaborating with us on this commission, one which served to remind everyone of the life of one of the greatest Maltese patriots our island has ever known on the centenary from his death in 1921.

Thank you to Kris Spiteri and Victor Jacono for making this dream come to life. When discussions about this project began all that existed was a location, a subject and an idea but what Kris and Victor managed to achieve through tireless hours of discussions and work exceeded all of our expectations.

We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished together and we feel like Manwel would be too. Thank you for coming, for watching and for singing along with us. We will see you again very soon 😉💜