FAQ with Sean Buhagiar about Teatru Malta’s Hybrid Theatre Troupe

Hello, I’m Sean Buhagiar, the Artistic Director of Teatru Malta. We’re excited to introduce our innovative Hybrid Theatre Troupe. Here’s everything you need to know about this groundbreaking initiative.

Q1: What is the Hybrid Theatre Troupe?

Sean: The Hybrid Theatre Troupe is a pioneering initiative by Teatru Malta designed to blend performance with behind-the-scenes roles. Our goal is to create a versatile and dynamic ensemble that can adapt to different creative and operational needs, inspired by the resourcefulness of self-employed artists and theatre ensembles. Historically we can think circus artists who managed multiple tasks when touring. I personally worked with PermLab di Castaldo in Italy, led by Grotowski’s student Domenico Castaldo, who perform train but also manage the whole operation of the company. Hybridity, hybrid thinking, and hybrid professionals are very much keywords in twenty first century thinking both in terms of behavioural and corporate economics. We are trying to use this local and international reality to develop a new way of creating a national ensemble.

Q2: What inspired the creation of this troupe?

Sean: Flexibility. Flexibility. Flexibility. The idea came from observing the versatility and adaptability of local artists who also perform and manage various logistical tasks or have other jobs they, in the creative or non-creative sphere which they still enjoy and help them to make a living. We wanted to apply this multifaceted approach to the national theatre company, providing our artists with a sustainable, full-time employment model that allows them to explore different aspects of theatre production. We want the opportunity to be flexible to produce an avant-garde classical piece with only some members of this ensemble, to produce a festival, translate scripts, making shows for or with the communities and more.

Q3: What roles will members of the troupe perform?

Sean: Members will be involved in performing and non-performing roles, but their primary role will be creative. The roles can be very different and will be created ad hoc. They can include acting, directing, dramaturgy, content creation, project management, writing, translating, proofreading, web management, social media management, or videography. However these are just examples and not meant to limit the scope and variety of these roles. We want our artists to be well-rounded and capable of handling diverse tasks within the company.

Q4: How long is the contract for troupe members?

Sean: The first contract is for 12 months, starting in September 2024. Before the official start, there will be a research and development (R&D) and rehearsal period in the summer to get everyone acclimated and ready for the year ahead. There will be potential for medium to long-term relationship after that.

Q5: What are the working hours and remuneration?

Sean: Members are expected to work an average of 40 hours per week with flexible hours and remote working. The annual salary is €25,000 gross, plus VAT. This commitment ensures that our artists can fully immerse themselves in both their creative and operational roles. The payments will be regular, per month and not based on the production calendar.

In terms of flexibility, you might have to work more during a production week and less during another week when you would be doing something else. You might be required to travel for touring, so flexibility might be less that week. However, you will be more flexible in another week. This all depends on the role, and there will be scheduling beforehand to allow you to plan other commitments.

Q6: Who is the ideal candidate for the Hybrid Theatre Troupe?

Sean: We’re looking for performers with robust experience in theatrical quality-led performance. All-round performance skills like singing and dancing, movement or other skills like playing instruments or circus arts are considered an asset. We are looking for additional skills such as writing, digital content creation, technical expertise, and project management. Candidates should be adaptable, collaborative, and eager to take a hybrid role within the organization. Proficiency in Maltese and English is also essential, ideally both when writing, speaking and performing.

Q7: How can I apply for a position in the troupe?

Sean: Interested candidates should submit an artistic portfolio, CV/resume, a motivational letter, and a short motivational video. The deadline for applications is 17th June 2024, at noon. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and provided with details for the interview and audition process, which will happen at the end of June. The audition pack will focus on the artist’s portfolio, an open artistic sharing chosen by the artist, and an interview.

Q8: Can I pursue other creative work while being part of the troupe?

Sean: Yes, as long as it doesn’t conflict with your commitments to Teatru Malta which would have been agreed upon. As I said, we’ll work together to harmonize your schedule with the ensemble’s needs, ensuring that you can explore other creative pursuits without compromising your role with us.

Q9: What kind of additional tasks might troupe members handle?

Sean: Besides performing, members might engage in scriptwriting, content creation, social media management, photography, videography, translation, and more. The distribution of these tasks will be discussed with the artistic director and tailored to each member’s skills and interests.

Q10: What is the vision behind this initiative?

Sean: Our vision is to create a sustainable and dynamic theatre-making ecosystem in Teatru Malta. By blending performance with various creative roles, we aim to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and innovative environment that benefits both our artists and the broader community. This initiative not only enhances the artistic landscape of Malta but also sets a new standard for the performing arts industry locally and internationally.

Q11: How does this initiative align with international practices?

Sean: We’ve developed this concept in consultation with international experts and aligned it with practices observed in smaller European countries, and developed it for our needs. Our collaboration with the European Theatre Convention (ETC) ensures that we meet high standards of artistic and operational excellence, making Teatru Malta a part of the broader European theatre landscape.

Q12: What if I have more questions or need further information?

Sean: Feel free to reach out to us at Teatru Malta. You can email us, join our mailing list, or follow our social media channels to stay updated on this and other exciting initiatives. We’re always here to provide more information and support throughout the application process. 


Stay tuned and join us in crafting a vibrant future for the performing arts with Teatru Malta’s Hybrid Theatre Troupe! Click here to apply.

I hope this FAQ provides you with all the information you need about our Hybrid Theatre Troupe. We look forward to receiving your applications and welcoming new members to our innovative team.