XENI: Workshops

Teatru Malta

Jauary - February 2020

Set Painting & Set Building Workshops

Dates: 17 – 19 January

Venue: Space C4

Fee: €20 / limited to 6 students per course

The set is an essential tool in the narration of any production and needs intense collaboration between set painters and builders. These workshops are aimed at budding set designers and enthusiasts, theatre students, props designers and stage hands.

SET PAINTING WORKSHOP / An Introduction to Set Painting

This workshop is an introduction to the subject of set painting led by Mario Paolantonio, a master in his field with years of experience. The course is divided into 5 segments which will cover different methods, various painting techniques, the use of colours and different materials. By the end of the 3 day course the students will go through the process and realization of a scene from it’s inception to the end product. This is a hands-on workshop which will offer the opportunity to work amongst a group of like minded individuals with the same passion to discuss, learn and share ideas among one another.

SET BUILDING WORKSHOP / Techniques & Ideas for Building Sets & Props

This workshop is a practical introduction to the world of 3 dimensional set and prop building led by veteran artist Joe Galea, who has years of experience and many productions under his belt. Participants will see props transform from sketched ideas to finished products in a variety of materials covering 3 Dimensional modelling in clay and mould making in plaster and rubber as well as the making and use of papier mache, wood carving and building using polystyrene set pieces and props. Galea will delve further into the use of colour, the aging of props and manipulation of special effects to achieve any desired result on set.

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Light Design Workshop

Dates: 30th January – 2nd February

Venue: Spazju Kreattiv Theatre

Fee: €20 / limited to 6 students

LIGHT DESIGN WORKSHOP / Telling Stories through Light

These illuminating light design workshops led by light designer William Iles cover the basics of stage light and lighting design. Participants will be guided in the art of telling stories through light.

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XENI: Workshops

TBA Jauary - February 2020