Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival


Actress Antonella Axisa will be leading Teatru Malta’s very first Youth Theatre Festival! Our venue? The recently launched MVPA, a school for Malta’s youngest and brightest visual arts aficionados. The aim? To give budding talent the opportunity to produce small-scale productions in conjunction with this unique festival whereby the MVPA year 7’s will present their final production to the year 6 students. The students, together with their mentors will be expected to work on anything from set design, to lights, costumes and musical composition, all while working with actual arts practitioners from the field they aspire to one-day form part of professionally.

11th and 12th May
Malta Visual & Performing Arts School (MVPA)

“It’s good to have children put up their own work for other children. In the past there was the drama festival for schools, and now that there’s a school like the MVPA, we believe that it’s high time for a theatre festival made by children for children, led by professionals in the sector.”

Cast & Actors


Direction: Josette Ciappara

The Shadow Monster

Direction: Chris Gatt

Fil-Bosk tas-Saħħara

Direction: Isabelle Gatt

Production Team

Festival Director: Antonella Axisa
Co-Producers: MVPA: Malta Visual and Performing Arts School

Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival

Malta Visual & Performing Arts School (MVPA) 11th and 12th May