Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival

17.00 - 18.00 / 18:15 - 19:15
6th April 2019
M Space, Blue Box, Msida

Following a successful first year, Trikki Trakki is back – bigger and better than before. After weeks of rehearsals, six of our leading theatre directors will be leading six groups of local students as they perform six adaptations of classic texts for their audiences. The students have been led by seasoned professionals, in all aspects of theatre-making. This show is made for students by students and they can’t wait to see you in their audience!


In partnership with the Events Unit, the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Education and Employment, and the Drama Unit within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes.



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Production Team

Festival Director: Antonella Axisa

Shows & Directors

L-Odissea Minn Wara L-Kwinti directed by Josette Ciappara

Julius Teaser directed by Anthony Bezzina

Ħares Leah directed by Malcolm Galea

Agamemnon CSI directed by Stephen Oliver

Don Juan u Sganarelle directed by Isabelle Gatt

The Tempest – A Parody directed by Isabel Warrington


Public Show 1 (17:00 – 18:00)


17:00-17:20 L-Odissea Minn Wara L-Kwinti

17:20 -17:40 Julius Teaser

17:40 -18:00 Ħares Leah


Public Show 2 (18:15 – 19:15)


18:15 -18:35 Agamemnon CSI

18:35 – 18:55 Don Juan u Sganarelle

18:55 – 19:15 The Tempest – A Parody


Maltese & English

Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival

M Space, Blue Box, Msida 6th April 2019