Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival


1 - 6 April 2019
M Space, Blue Box, Msida

Following a successful first year, Trikki Trakki is back – bigger and better than before. In fact, this year the festival is open to all schools on the island! Interested schools can apply for their year seven students to be part of this enchanting experience. In the end, six of our leading theatre directors will join six local schools to produce six short adaptations of theatre classics.

This unique festival offers young people the opportunity to create theatre under the guidance and expertise of professional tutors and directors, allowing them to experience working with theatre arts professionals while immersing themselves in the process of creating a theatrical production from scratch. From costume design and lights to set dressing and props, these children will get to do it all!

In partnership with the Events Unit, the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry for Education and Employment, and the Drama Unit within the Directorate for Learning and Assessment Programmes.



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Festival Director: Antonella Axisa

Trikki Trakki – Youth Theatre Festival

M Space, Blue Box, Msida 1 - 6 April 2019