Trikki Trakki Pandem-Onium Edition

Teatru Malta

March 2021
Blue Box

Trikki Trakki is finally here! Buuuuuut, as you can imagine, with a bit of a difference due to an invisible pandemic that has left everyone in a state of #pandemonium! We are so happy to FINALLY be able to present this year’s talented participants, and we can’t wait to see what monologues these kids come up with as they continue to work with their mentors in the run up to the big weekend in March! Let’s have some fun…3…2…1 #TrikkiTrakki!

Production Team

The Purple Team

Director – Lee-N Abela

Writer – Clive Piscopo

Script Supervisor- Aidan Caruana


The Turqoise Team

Director – Chris Gatt

Writer – Simone Spiteri

Script Supervisor- Iona Saillard


The Green Team

Director – Ian Moore

Writer – Malcolm Galea

Script Supervisor – Mario Mirkovikj


The Red Team

Director – Josette Ciappara

Writer – Marta Vella

Script Supervisor – Ella Pullicino

Trikki Trakki Pandem-Onium Edition

Blue Box March 2021