Antonella Axisa
ACT 1 - 6:30pm - 8:00pm ACT 2 - 8:10pm - 9:30pm
21st—26th March 2022
M-Space, Blue Box, Msida

 Trikki Trakki turns FIVE! After 2021’s “pandem-onium” edition of the festival, the popular children’s festival will return to Blue Box yet again, and will see applying school students get the chance to cast aside all electronics and online performance methods and work with leading theatre directors to produce brand new adaptations of popular theatre classics (hopefully) inside an actual theatre!

This unique festival offers students the opportunity to not only develop their creativity and talent but create theatre under the watchful eye and expertise of the very best tutors and directors in the business, allowing them to get a real taste of what it’s like to work in the real world of theatre-making. From costume design, makeup and lights to set dressing and props making, these children will get to do it all!

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”Ġaħan Min?” – Based on Il-Ġaħan ta’ Binġemma by Francis Ebejer

Ġaħan, Min tells the stories of this iconic character – who is he? Where does he come from? Why is he here with us? Inspired from Francis Ebejer’s play, “Il-Ġaħan ta’ Binġemma”, Ġaħan, Min introduces us to more than one Ġaħan who are tying to communicate simple but complex thoughts with the audience who are follwing them. 

School: St Albert The Great College, Valletta

”The Haunted House” – Based on ‘Mostellaria’ by Plautus

After their sufficient rendition of ‘A view from the Bridge’ and their temperate portrayal of ‘Cats’ the Ħandaq Amateur League of actors union club society bring you ‘The Haunted House’ an ancient Roman play by Plautus written in- Ma nafx. Can someone please tell the director to fill this in? And did we finalise the prop list? Did someone book the venue? …

School: St Ignatius College Middle School, Tal-Ħandaq

”Antigone” – An adaptation of Antigone by Sophocles
This is the story of Antigone, the late King Oedipus’s daughter, the rebel who decides to bury the corpse of her brother Polynices, and in so doing, she rebels against the inhumane law of the new king of Thebes, Creon. Creon had decreed that her brother, the rebel Polynices, shall not be buried and shall rot in the open as an example to others that would think of betraying their country. This is a play that presents the multiple readings of truth and justice. Who is right? Is it Antigone who buries her brother ignoring the king’s orders or is it the king who enforces the law at the cost of going against his own family?
School: Malta Visual and Performing Arts School, Ħamrun


”Big Mac Beth”Based on Shakespeare’s Macbeth 

Take two witches, a whole lot of salad and an unhealthy obsession with burgers and fries… what do you get?… Big Macbeth!

School: Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo


”The Story of my Future” – Based on Lorraine Hansberry’s play ‘A Raisin in the Sun’ as well as stories by the students themselves and edited by Malcolm Galea

Inspired by Lorraine Hansberry’s ‘A Raisin in the Sun’, this piece, written by the B’Kara Middle School students and edited by their director Malcolm Galea, is a story about dreams in the face of adversity. After discussing the source material by the young female African-American playwright, the students talked about the things that matter to them and how to put them into a narrative.

School: St Theresa College Middle School, Birkirkara


”Artist” – Based on Charles Clews’ writing and inspired from Dr Toni Sant’s book “Varjetà”

This contemporary theatre piece is inspired by the book of Dr Toni Sant about the story of the Stage Commandos, the pioneers of comedy in Malta. The text is based on scripts written by the late actor and comedian Charles Clews. The Stage Commandos started putting up their shows during the second World War at the Malta Drydocks during lunchtime to keep the moral of the workers high. This gesture was praised by the British authorities.

This is compared with our current situation of Covid 19, where the performing arts also served to keep the people’s moral high. Our goal is to convey just how important the role of the artist is in society at all times and situations.

School: San Ġorġ Preca Middle School, Blata l-Bajda


Cast & Actors

Festival Director: Antonella Axisa
Directors: Malcom Galea, Lara Agius, Jacob Piccinino, Isabelle Gatt, Joe Galea and Nicole Cuschieri
1. ”Ġaħan Min?”

School: St Albert The Great College, Valletta
Director: Jacob Piccinino
Script Adaptation: Jacob Piccinino
ASM: Sarah Zammit

Students: Haitham Abu-Rub, Zach Carabott, Kayne Cuschieri, Gabriel DeBono, Razak Ibrahim, Kyle Micallef, Luke Mifsud Tong, Stefano Rossi, Ayden Taliana Cutajar, Zackiel Tanti and Andrea Zammit

2. ”The Haunted House”

School: St Ignatius College Middle School, Tal-Ħandaq
Director: Lara Agius
Script adaptation: Lara Agius
ASM: Edmilson Zammit

Students: Alizah Arapa, Alysa Lynn Borg, Colin Meilak. Gabriel Jeff CamilleriJulia Lewis, Kelsey Laus, Kylie Farrugia, Lisa Sant Portanier, Melvin Camilleri, Nada Abou El Mati, Naimah Gatt Agius, Reem Hameshk, Rubyanne Zammit, Thea Cauchi and Tyrone Agius

3. ”Antigone” 

School: Malta Visual and Performing Arts School, Ħamrun

Director: Isabelle Gatt

Writer: Malcolm Galea
ASM: Jamie Tabone

Students: Aurora Dolce, Cherylen Spencer, Erika Bonello, Godfrey Williams, Heidi Mariani, Katrina Cutajar Dimech, Keira Farrugia, Massimo Schembri, Matthias Zarb, Maya Troia


4. ”Big Mac Beth”
School: Bishop’s Conservatory Secondary School, Victoria, Gozo
Director: Nicole Cuschieri
Writer: Carlos Debattista
Music Composer: Alex Vella Gregory
ASM: Kristen Axisa
Students: Elisa Buttigieg, Martina Cremona, Ester Bugeja, Sarah Vella, Mariah Grech, Martina Grech Cini,, Kate Grech, Sadie Zerafa, Chiara Debrincat, Azia Camilleri, Angele Borg
5. ”The Story of My Future”

School: St Theresa College Middle School, Birkirkara

Director: Malcolm Galea

ASM: Maria Bonaci

Students: Dwayne Bonello, Raquela Calleja, Michela Farrugia, Mays Shlabi, Janah Zina, Jordan Vassallo, Karine Hovhannisjan, Louisa Borg, Chanaya Debono, Eliana Gatt

6. ”Artist”

School: San Ġorġ Preca Middle School, Blata l-Bajda
Director: Joseph Galea
Script Adaptation: Joseph Galea
ASM: Zak Mallia

Students: McKenzie Alabed Hamoud, Rihanna Bone, Jade Cauchi, Maraya Dimech, Elena Marie Gauci, Shenika Falzon, Cassidy Falzon, Kaitlyn Fenech, Elidee Gerada, Adiel Shead, Rihana Tabone Delmar, Mariah Zerafa D’Amato


Production Team

Production Team

Production Manager: Robyn Vella

Isabel Warrington – Costume Designer

Maxime Durand – Props Designer 

Krista Paris – Make-up artist

Julia Camilleri – Stage Manager

Nico Muscat – Lights & Sound Technician

Kaylie Magri – Festival Assistant 

Maya Mifsud and Andrej GeorgievskiAssistant Props and Costumes



M-Space, Blue Box, Msida 21st—26th March 2022