The Best European Show

Haris Pašovic & Marko Bratus

9th - 11th February
Teatru Manoel

This show is tragicomedy about contemporary Europe and its theatre. A jury has to select the winner of the first European Theatre Festival modelled after Eurovision Song Contest.

The shows from 52 countries are competing for a single award: The Best European Show Award.

The task turns out to be more difficult than anyone could have imagined. Politics, private ambitions, love affairs and bold artistic visions interplay during the last night when the decision about the winner has to be taken. The stakes are high, the pressure is mounting. And almost everything that can go wrong – goes wrong….

And suddenly the audience gets involved in a big way. The theatre in the whole Europe gets shaken!

LANGUAGE: English with Maltese subtitles 

The performance is produced in collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Due Parma (Italy), Kosovo National Theatre (Kosovo),
Teatru Malta (Malta), Slovene National Theatre Nova Gorica (Slovenia).

This project is supported with an ETC Development Grant. ETC activities are co-funded by the European Union (

Cast & Actors

Paola De Crescenzo

Davide Gagliardini

May-Linda Kosumovic

Armend Smajli

Philip Leone-Ganado

Gianni Selvaggi

Ana Facchini

Ibrahim Koma

Felix Römer

Weronika Kozakowska

Błażej Stencel

Małgorzata Kowalska

Production Team

Co-Writers: Haris Pašović & Marko Bratuš
Director: Haris Pašović
Dramaturg: Sean Buhagiar
Set and Costume Design: Krystian Szymczak
Composer: Trimor Dhomi
Lighting Design: Claudio Coloretti
Choreographer: Robert Nuha

The Best European Show

Teatru Manoel 9th - 11th February