L’homme qui Marche (Preca Project)

Image Aiguë

“Secondary school isn’t always fun. We want to help out and seek ways to make Theatre the solution, to help students come together through arts.”

23 November 2018
San Ġorg Preca College, Ħamrun

L’Homme qui marche (the walking man) is a physical theatre piece, that encourages dialogue with children and provokes them to analyse and reflect upon our intriguing contemporary world. Performed by two actors under the direction of Christiane Véricel, the hour long show is based on four stories that deal with humour, sharing and organizing this chaotic society that we have come to form part of, with the aim of encouraging younger audiences to go beyond their comfort zones and challenge existing global boundaries in a fun and creatively interactive environment!
L’homme qui marche which has been performed in France, Germany, Bosnia, Morocco and Georgia, is part of the intensive school-based, site-specific Preca project which is happening in collaboration with Valletta 2018, the French Embassy and ŻiguŻajg this November in Ħamrun.

Production Team

Workshop Conductor: Christiane Verciel & Nicolas Bertrand
Collaborators: Image Aiguë
Co-Produtions: Żigużajg ,Valletta 2018, The French Embassy
Managers: Drama Unit

L’homme qui Marche (Preca Project)

San Ġorg Preca College, Ħamrun 23 November 2018