Raymond “Fight” Beck

André Mangion


Four roped sides. Three-minute rounds. Two men fighting – one winner. Raymond Beck would do anything for his family; or what’s left of it anyway. He returns to the ring in search of cash and glory. But his real aim? To challenge Dyson "Tosa Inu" Cumbo for the ultimate Maltese Middleweight Championship. While training for the big fight in the confines of the ring, Raymond realises that there are other battles that exist beyond it and its four roped sides. Hooks and jabs can come from anywhere, better stay alert! Raymond must beat the count or prepare to throw in the towel. Written by talented young writer André Mangion, Raymond "Fight" Beck is a straight punch tale of what one is ready to give up; for those he loves – and for the sweet science that crowns him Champion.

10 to 18 March 2018
Spazju Kreattiv

“Sports and theatre audiences both enjoy a good show. We really like this mixture, as we also like working with young writers that have shown potential to put up new work in Maltese. So this should be interesting”

Ticket Info

Early Bird Tickets: €15 (Sold-out)

Normal Tickets: €20

Concessions: €15


Cast & Actors

John Montanaro

Davide Tucci

Żep Camilleri

Kim Dalli

Lilian Pace

Peter Galea

Jesmond Tedesco Triccas

Hector Bruno

Ray Abdilla

Philip Mizzi

Toni Busuttil

Andre’ Mangion

Frank Zammit

Production Team

Writer: André Mangion

Director: Sean Buhagiar

Set Designer: Adrian Mamo

Costume Designer: Marco Parascandolo

Music & Sound: Marmalja

Light Design: Jimmy Grima

Movement Director: Kenneth Spiteri

Boxing Choreographer: Super Stever Martin

Make-Up Designer: Jackie Grima


Co-Producer: André Mangion

Production Manager: Noel D’Amato

Script Supervisor: Ann-Marie Camilleri

Stage Manager: Franco Rizzo

Props Master: Alan Attard

Collaborators: Malta Arts Fund, Spazju Kreattiv



Raymond “Fight” Beck

Spazju Kreattiv 10 to 18 March 2018