By Donna Woolfolk Cross / Susanne Felicitas Wolf

6,7,9,10,11,12 July 2019
Il-Foss tal-Imdina

Teatru Malta teams up with the Malta International Arts Festival to bring you one of the most disputed stories ever told.

A prodigy who chooses to defy all odds is born into a highly conservative male dominated world. She is defiant and determined, secretly learning to read behind her father’s back by disguising herself as a  boy to further her learning at a monastery where she’s accepted as a male monk. Pope Joan tells the story of a woman who will stop at nothing to claim the freedom and power that is rightfully hers, and follows her journey to becoming, as legend has it, the first and only female pope to have ever lived.

This story will be brought to life by a fantastic team of actors, led by seasoned director and dramaturg, Irene Christ. Feminism, gender identity, religion and several other themes are addressed. This is the kind of theatre that fuels discussion and we like discussion.

In partnership with the American Embassy, Goethe Institute, Malta International Arts Festival, Arts Council Malta, and Restoration Directorate Rehabilitation Projects (RPO)


Ticket Info

€ 20 / € 18 (konċessjoni)

Cast & Actors

Maria Buckle – Joan

Alan Paris Aesculapius (teacher), Benjamin (physician), Pope Leo

Alex Weenik Anastasius (son of Arsenius)

Antonella Axisa – Gudrun (Joan’s mother), Theda (Bishop’s lover), Madalgis (a sick
woman), Ennodia (wife of chief physician in Rome)

Chris Galea – Joan’s Father (village priest), Benedict (brother of Pope Sergius), Flunkey

Faye Paris Hrotrud – Midwife, Richhild Gerold’s wife, Empress

Ileana Sammut – Young Joan boy

Joe Despasquale Bishop (in Dorstadt), Pope Sergius, Daniel (army commander)

Michael Mangion – Odo (head of school), Abbot Rabanus, Emperor Lothar

Peter Galea – Gerold (Richhild’s husband, Joan’s lover)
Mikhail Basmadjian Arsenius (nobel man in Rome)

Stephen Mintoff – Matthew (Joans eldest brother), Gottschalk (monk), Aio (confesses
to bribery), Arsonist

Production Team

Director: Irene Christ

Novel: Donna Woolfolk Cross

Stage adaptation: Susanne Felicitas Wolf

Production Manager: Joe Vella



Il-Foss tal-Imdina 6,7,9,10,11,12 July 2019