ĦAX-XJUĦ: Il-Pantomima 60+

Tony Cassar Darien
12 - 15 December 2019
Teatru Metanoia

Bordered by the Rocky Mountains on the East, and the Sierra Nevada desert in the West, lies Hax-Xjuh. Buffalo Bill refers to the location as the very last post of the Wild West, as we know it from the Hollywood era of the great Westerns, like The Magnificent Seven. Only there’s nothing magnificent about it!

In this ramshackle, decrepit, ghost of a town, the population is aging fast. On their coming of age, Hax-Xjuh’s young men immediately follow the old adage and migrate to the west. Go West Young Man. And join the Westward Expansion!

When one fine morning a filming crew materialises at Hax-Xjuh in order to film a documentary about this God forsaken spot, which might prove, or then might not, the existence of the legendary gigantic mouse, hope springs afresh in the bosoms of the fastly aging inhabitants. Promotion on the big screen might persuade some sorely needed investment, and consequently, the re-emergence of a youngish generation which until then had been sorely conspicuous by its absence.

But that’s when Hax-Xjuh unexpectedly falls victim to the AFTERCLAPS – Unexpected happenings after an event is supposed to be over!

In partnership with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Persons with Disability, and Active Ageing.

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Cast & Actors


Rita Kalamita Dame: Joseph Farrugia – Joe id-Dulli

Felic l-Inforra: Guido Fenech

Chief Wirt Artna: Ray Calleja

Fredu d-Dedu – Baddie: Philip Vella

Lola Lovey-Davvy: Veronica Farrugia

Zeffiena: Maria Assunta Spiteri

Zeffiena: Anna Zammit

Zeffiena: Alison White

Ms Wilma Qieghed: Theresa Gauci

Ms Qmura Mqabbza: Anna Busuttil

Sullu s-Sakranazz : Charles Vella

Xerriff: Emanuel Barbara

Gwardja 1: Joseph Busuttil

Gwardja 2: Frank Vella

Muccu l-Ggant- il-Gurdien Golf: Narcy Calamatta



Joe Busuttil

Carmen Fenech

Josephine Tedesco Triccas

Anna Debattista

Doris Ciantar

Paul Ciantar

John Buhagiar

Anthony Cardona

Maria Cutajar

Miriam Scerri

Albert Spiteri

Diane Galea

Marianne Testa


Pit Singers

Sina Mifsud

Rosita Pace

Frances Gladys Mercieca

Joseph Mercieca

Production Team

Tim Kreattiv

Writer: Tony Cassar Darien

Director: Josette Ciappara

Assistant Director & ASM: Giovann Attard

Music Director: Paul Abela

Choreographer: Alison White

Set Designer: Donald Friggieri

Props Master: Frank Tanti

Props Maker – Set Construction Hand: Neville Borg

Costume Designer: Nicole Cuschieri

Hair Designer: Conrad Catania

Make-up Designer: Jackie Grima


Tim tal-Produzzjoni

Production Manager: Nicole Blackman

Stage Manager: Christian Mifsud (Peanuts)

Community Engagement Coordinator: Anna Formosa

Book: Clelia Borg

Sound and Light Design: Sergio Costa

Stage Hands: Rita Ciantar, Steve Cilia, Andre Gafa

Wardrobe Assistants: Catherine Mizzi, Rachel Farrugia Garie, Noelle Borg

Sound Mics Assistant: Shana Atkins

ĦAX-XJUĦ: Il-Pantomima 60+

Teatru Metanoia 12 - 15 December 2019