By Tony Cassar Darien

12 - 15 December 2019

Imagine most of our theatre veterans joining forces with dedicated elderly citizens who want to do something spectacular this Christmas. This is a sweet take on the usual pantomime, which deals with the contraries of old age through old age itself!  

This year, Teatru Malta is commissioning a pantomime where anyone participating on or behind the stage has to be the holder of a kartanzjan. Can you imagine a 65-year-old principal boy? We can! All we need is a child-like spirit and a sprinkle of that old, traditional enthusiasm.

So, hold on to your walking sticks and get ready for the most endearing show to hit the Maltese islands this December. Our very own, western pantomime.

In partnership with the Parliamentary Secretariat for Persons with Disability, and Active Ageing.

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Production Team

Director: Josette Ciappara

Writer: Tony Cassar Darien

Production Manager: Nicole Blackman 


TBA 12 - 15 December 2019