Min Hi?

By Trevor Zahra

31 October & 1,2,3 November 2019

A famous movie line states that when it’s Halloween, everyone’s entitled to one good scare. We wanted to make sure of that. Teatru Malta will be working on a series of street installations inspired by a short story penned by none other than the man behind Nanna Ġenoveffa. These installations will culminate in an unorthodox, hair-raising theatrical performance. But first, the audience will have to find her. Who? You might ask.

We heard there’s been a strange old woman running amok. She lurks from street to street and square to square but no one quite knows who she is or why she’s there. One time they spotted her cutting up dolls and smashing their heads; who is she? Then there was talk of her being spotted in a dark alleyway, stroking a pig’s head as it dripped blood all over her feet; who is she? Just last week, the butcher told the grocer that they saw her humming the rosary while burping bubbles. No one’s ever sure where she’ll turn up next. So who, on earth, is she?

And where is she hiding?


Ticket Info

€15 / €12 (concession)

Production Team

Concept and Direction: Ruben Zahra

Writer: Trevor Zahra

Production Management: Soundscapes

Min Hi?

Various 31 October & 1,2,3 November 2019